He Chose to Take the Nails

[193 words]

His friends turned against Him
In a brutal act of betrayal
But, His love endured
And, He chose to take the nails.

To the ground from his brow
His sweat drops of blood fell
For He knew His life on earth was over
And, He chose to take the nails.

Soldiers approached Him from all sides
And, to the ground they fell
When Jesus said, “I am He”
And, “I choose to take your nails”

The soldiers led Him to the court
And beat him until His body was broken and frail
But, His love for man remained steadfast
And, He chose to take the nails.

Behind the mob of people
His mother, Mary, trailed
Not fully understanding
Why He chose to take nails.

And, when they pierced His skin
He let out a torturous wail
From His body blood flowed freely
When He chose to take the nails.

He did it because He loves us
His love never fails
For this we can be sure
Because He chose to take the nails.

And, now we have a choice
Between Heaven and Hell
All because our precious Savior
Chose to take the nails.

Shane Robinson
Hollis Church of Christ
Hollis, OK

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