My Daddy is Here

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David Elkind, the famous child psychologist and author of the best-selling The Hurried Child, tells this true story about his role as a parent:

“I remember visiting my middle son’s nursery school class, at the request of his teacher, so that I could observe a “problem child” in the class. It so happened that I was sitting and observing a group of boys, including my son, who sat in a circle nearby.

“Their conversation went like this:

Child A: ‘My daddy is a doctor, and he makes a lot of money, and we have a swimming pool.’

Child B: ‘My daddy is a lawyer, and he flies to Washington and talks to the president.’

Child C: ‘My daddy owns a company, and we have our own airplane.’

Then my son (with aplomb, of course): ‘My daddy is here.’”

The most important thing about loving someone is being there for them. And “being there” often literally means being there. No matter what, God will always “be there” for you.

Glenn Hitchcock

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