Love That Lives

[122 words]

From day to day, from heart to heart 
There lives the hope of a love apart— 
Apart from the commonplace, content 
That this is a gift that God has sent.
A love that builds, from day to day, 
A sense of worthiness, and not dismay 
A bit of heaven, a bit of home — 
A love that lives, but not for itself alone.
A love that takes the borders of life’s care 
And builds, from these, a pathway to the heavenly stair. 
A love that nurtures the inward soul 
And makes of fragments, a living whole.
A love that counts not selfish gains 
Nor finds its joys in others’ pain — 
But rather seeks, in earthly ways 
A love that’s best with Heavenly praise.

Carl Ball
via Lynn Street Church of Christ
Parkersburg, WV

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