Making God Second Best

[137 words]

I’m always prompt to punch the clock;
I never miss a date,
But when I go to worship God,
I’m usually always late.
I wouldn’t think of leaving work,
To visit brother Fred;
I just wait ‘til Sunday comes,
And forsake the church instead.
I never miss a day at work;
Perfection’s what I seek;
But I miss the worship of my God,
Once or twice a week.
I talk with people daily,
Of many subjects rife,
But never mention Jesus
Nor show Him in my life.
I spend extra on my family
For things that I can’t afford;
But I don’t remember, ever,
Giving extra to the Lord.
When your life on earth is over
And they lay you down to rest,
How can He say to you, “Well done,”
If you’ve made Him second best?

via Channelview church of Christ
Channelview, TX

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