You Cannot Out-Give God

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Our attitude will improve toward giving when we realize you cannot out-give God (Mark 10:28-30). Here Christ is talking about an investment that yields a return of 10,000%. We give and God blesses (Prov. 11:25). We need to understand that God owns it all (Hag. 2:8; Deut. 8:18; Psa. 50:10; 1 Cor. 6:19-20; Eze. 18:4) and that we have been made stewards (Luke 16:10). As a steward I am to make decisions based upon what the owner wants me to do. If I ignore the owner, I place myself in a position of owner.

A preacher noticed a little girl in a department store with her face pressed up against the glass at the candy counter. It was obvious that she longed for some of the candy. The preacher gave the clerk some money and instructed the sales clerk to give the girl some candy. When the little girl received the candy she stuffed her mouth full of it. Then the preacher asked if he might have a piece of candy. Immediately the girl clutched the bag and ran out of the store shouting, “it’s mine, it’s mine!” We often talk of “our money,” “our house” or “our car.” It is difficult for us to grasp the concept that it all belongs to God.

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