Take Care of Your Treasure

A young Arizona college student left his backpack in a public place and walked off. A homeless man found the backpack and rummaged through it, finding a laptop and an envelope. The envelope contained $3,300 in cash! The homeless man, to his credit, turned the backpack in to the police who located the rightful owner. Well done! The homeless man gets an “A+” for integrity. However, the student gets a “F” for vigilance. How does a student forget an expensive laptop and $3,300 cash and walk off? Most of us cannot afford such a loss. What was he thinking?

And yet people often walk off to play, leaving the pearl of great price behind (Matt. 13:45) or the treasure Jesus spoke of (Matt. 13:44). It seems when we have great treasure in our possession, that we are inclined to lose sight of it’s value, while on the other hand, a hungry, homeless person (Matt. 5:3,6) quickly recognizes the value.

Take care of your treasure in Christianity. Don’t leave it carelessly open to theft or corruption (Luke 6:35; 1 Cor. 3:8; Col. 3:24; Heb.11:6; 2 John 8).

Rick Laing
Austin, TX



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