Your Bible: On Top of TV Guide, or Under It?

A young child watched her mother reading from the Bible for a few minutes each morning. Finally one day she asked, “Aren’t you ever going to get finished reading that book?” The mother replied, “No honey, we never get finished with this Book. It always has something that helps encourage, challenge, and make me into being a better person.”

What a wonderful blessing to be able to read the parable of the good Samaritan, the sermon on the mount, the resurrection story, the faithfulness of the men and women of old and many others!

Dear friend, the Bible holds great treasures. Search it, study it, cherish it and spend time with it each day. It’s God’s way of telling us how to get to heaven. If we don’t know the way, or if we refuse to follow its directions, we simply won’t get there. Make time to read your Bible. Throughout eternity you will be glad you did.

Where is your Bible? Is it on top of the TV Guide or under it?

John K. Wills
church of Christ
Owingsville, OH
Bulletin Digest (Nov. 2005)

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