What is the Difference?

Between the atheist who would not dream of financially supporting the church and the Christian who will not financially support the Lord’s Church?

Between the skeptic who does not believe the Bible and the negligent Christian who never reads it?

Between those who do not believe in Bible classes and those who choose never to attend a class?

Between the atheist who does nothing to build up the Lord’s Church and the Christian who finds fault with others but does nothing himself‘?

Between a man of the world and a person in the church who lives like a man in the world?

Between a man of the world who lives for self and a person in the church building who lives for self, not God?

These are tough questions for Christians who live in a tough world. The fact is, Christians make no difference until they are different.

Again, what’s the difference?

via Charlotte Ave church of Christ
Rock Hill, SC
Bulletin Digest (June 2005)

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