Father Figure

Why is there so much violence, crime, hostility, anger, hatred, discrimination, disrespect, etc. in our world today? What’s wrong with America? I believe the answer can be summed up in two words: FATHER FIGURE.

The ABSENCE of a father figure within the home is reaping havoc on our society. And when I say FATHER FIGURE, I have reference to both a biological father as well as the Heavenly Father. The Divine PLAN for the home includes BOTH- husband/father and God (cf. Gen. 2:18ff; Pro. 22:6; Eph. 5:23ff; 6:4; Psa. 127:1ff). And might I add that a husband-father can be present, but at the same time absent, when it comes to his God-given responsibilities! And this can have the same negative impact on the family as does abandonment altogether.

Additionally, a home where God is absent (not in the sense that God has left, but in the sense that the family has chosen to leave Him) results in reckless living (cf. Luke 15:13 ESV). Homes where God and His Word are not cherished and communicated, over time, will result in the demise of that society where those families dwell. “Where there is no prophetic vision (revelation) the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law” (Pro. 29:18 ESV). I believe we would all agree that a good portion of our society has “cast off restraint.”

Simply put, when our nation corrects its father figure failures, it will be great again!

Terry R. Townsend
Jasper, AL

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