What Are You Singing?

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Over the years I’ve had song leaders that will ask me the topic of my sermon so that they can pick an invitation song that will fit. The invitation song that flows along with the message can be that tipping point that might make someone respond.

However, I noticed that many already have their own invitation song. Not that everyone’s signing their own tune but rather the song of their heart and mind that is influencing their response.

You see some are singing, “I Shall Not Be Moved.” No matter what the lesson was about, no matter how important it is that they make a change, they are firmly planted where they are, refusing to budge.

For some their invitation song is “Farther Along.” The message may have hit home but the thinking is the response can be delayed. Sometime farther along I make a change, farther along I’ll obey the gospel, farther along I’ll repent.

Other might be on a chorus of “Faith of Our Fathers.” Dad was a preacher, Mom was a bible class teacher, so I’m good since they were.

It might be their song is “When This Passing World Is Done.” They would respond but not ready to give up their worldly ways.

But there are those that hear in their hearts, “I Am Resolved.” They know what they need to do and have taken the courageous step to do just that. They understand the danger of delay and that personal response is demanded. So they are willing to do what the scriptures teach.

When the next invitation is offered, what will you be singing?

Barry Haynes
Hope, AR

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