Do You Hear God?

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After more than 100 years brother Charles Hodge remains one of the most famous preachers in our brotherhood. He is reported to have baptized more than any other man in the late 19‘“ and 20″‘ centuries. His quips, answers and comments are still quoted in many sermons today. Near the end of his life, Brother Hodge wrote:

“As I come to the end of my ministry and life, I have never been more committed to Scripture! What an awesome privilege simply to possess a Bible! Our hands must tremble in reverence as we hold our Bibles (Isaiah 66:5). Is the Bible the Word of God? This question must be answered. We must teach our children this. What good is a “talking God” without listening ears”? The need of the world is to listen to God. The Old Testament is full of “But they would not listen.” “Thus saith the Lord.” “It is written.” Start with the Bible; stick with the Bible; stay with the Bible! . . . . “Oh earth, earth, earth, Hear the Word of our Lord! (Jeremiah 22:29).” — Gospel Advocate, August 2007.

Greatly are these words of brother Hodge needed in the brotherhood and in world today! Far too many are like the Israelites after the death of the last judge following Israel’s deliverance from Egypt: “In those days there was no king in Israel‘ everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21 :25). Doesn’t that sound like the world today?

Why do we expect God to hear and answer our prayers, if we refuse to listen to Him? Jesus said, “the sheep follow Him (Good Shepherd), for they know His voice” (John 10:4).

John K. Wills
Owingsville, KY

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