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Can’t Stop Now

posted on February 12, 2018

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The famous engineer and inventor, Robert Fulton, returned to America from Paris in 1805 to test his invention of the steamship. In 1807, he was ready to take the steamship Claremont on a trial run up the Hudson River between New YorkCity and Albany.

In the excited crowd watching the proceedings, there was a negative, pessimistic, doubtful old man. While preparations were made to start, the old man kept repeating, “They won’t ever get her started.” The steamship, however, was started, and began its trip up the river to the cheers of the crowd. The doubter was then heard to say, “They won’t ever get her stopped.”

There are two kinds of doubters: the active, investigative doubters who are willing to study evidences before reaching a conclusion, and the lazy, prejudicial doubters who are unwilling to consider any possible evidences.

Be a good doubter. Consider the reasons you should believe the Bible and be a member of the church you read about therein.

“…learn of me…” (Matthew 11:29).

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