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Have a Plan

posted on February 14, 2018

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Sometimes it is fun to just “pick up and go.” It can be exciting to “play things by ear” and to “fly by the seat of our pants” when it comes to things like down- time and recreation. But overall you and I recognize the value and necessity of having a plan when it comes to the most important things in life.

Good students are not made by accident. Great jobs are not found and kept by accident. Powerful and lasting companies are not built by accident. Successful athletes are not made and discovered by accident. Things like this happen because someone had a plan and stuck to it.

Jesus taught this basic concept in Luke 14:25-33. You do not begin building a tower without a plan. You do not go into battle without a plan.

Jack Ray shared some information with me that bears repeating as it relates to this discussion. North Dakota is known for its devastatingly low temperatures. In fact, some of the locals have been known to say, “-41 degrees keeps the riff-raff out!” I would think so, that is too cold for me! Under conditions such as this, Air Force mechanics working on airplanes outdoors are limited as to the amount of time that they can be exposed to the elements. Typically, they have anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes at a time to work on the aircraft before they must come back in. That isn’t much time! They have to have a plan in mind before they leave the warm building and head out to the machinery, otherwise they would never get anything accomplished.

When time is short, we must have a plan of attack. We cannot approach the task at hand haphazardly. Life is short, it appears for just a little while and then it vanishes (James 4:14). We don’t have the time to wander around aimlessly!

Do you have a plan for your personal spiritual growth? Do you have a plan for the spiritual growth and development of your family? At the very least, your plan should include:

Regular Prayer. Express your heart and feelings, make requests, and thank God for His greatness;

Study. Allow God to inform you and shape you through His Holy Word,

Spending time with other Christians. We need to encourage and help each other,

Worship. Our expression of our submission along with the acknowledgment of His majesty will deepen our spiritual well and also allow us to reach greater heights.

What items will you add to your plan for spiritual growth?

Bart Warren
S. Green St. church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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