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The tragedy in the Floridian public school saddens the nation.  As we look on as Christians, we know the root of this evil act and that is Satan. Sin came into this world through his trickery and Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God. Since then, horrible disease, evil acts, death, etc., entered the world.  Blaming guns or bombs or other inanimate objects will not move us one inch towards a true solution.

Until this nation decides to turn back to God, this type of behavior will only get worse.  We are living in a modern-day version of Judges that we read about in our Bible.  Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But, sin is a reproach to any people.”  Its still as true today as it was then.

The other tragedy involved in this shooting–and this is the worst–the kids were high-school age.  You might say, “What difference does that make?”  It means that many were at or beyond an age of being accountable to God.  How many were prepared to meet their God?  I’m sure the amount is pretty indicative of the same numbers of our nation now and that would be quite low.  These families have lost their loved ones in a horrific fashion.  The families that hadn’t raised their children to have a Biblical relationship with God and their Savior Jesus Christ allowed them to be exposed every day to the danger of losing their souls.  I hope that all of those killed were in a saved state.  If not, I would not want to be in the parents’ shoes on this earth regretting that and I wouldn’t want to be them on Judgement Day to face judgement with their children wondering why they weren’t prepared.

Please think about this.  We all are exposed to an unkind world and every day that we leave our homes, we may not come back.  We can’t prepare for every physical danger, but we can all be prepared to meet our God.  If you love your family, get to know God.  Develop the proper relationship by obeying the gospel.  Your life may be required of you this very day.

Chris Moore
Clarendon church of Christ
Clarendon, TX

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