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Recently, I dropped my son off at the building for an activity that will enhance his ability to develop a budget and be a better provider both financially and spiritually when he starts his family one day. I know our schedules create barriers from time to time and we can’t attend everything. However, I felt badly for those young men who were not in attendance because they missed out on some great information! This event reminded me how fortunate we are to have so many opportunities afforded to us by our church.

Allen Webster authored a tract entitled “What Can The Church Offer Me?” The church continues to offer all of the same benefits it has always offered. Webster reminds us the church offers: A peace that passes understanding (Matt. 11:28), a free religious education (Acts 2:42), acceptance and community (Acts 2:42, 44), and access to God (2:42).

Many times our schedules are built on the vision we have for ourselves and our family. We acknowledge it is perfectly fine for children to be connected to academic and extracurricular activities. As parents, we understand work obligations and responsibilities because we desire a standard of living for our family.

In sum, we all want to be successful in life, but not at the expense of achieving the things God would have to realize. True success can be realized if we take inventory of our life (1 Cor. 11:28), go to the right source (Rom. 1:16), serve God heartily (Col. 3:23), do the will of God (Matt. 7:21), and be faithful to receive the eternal reward (Matt. 25:46).

Thankfully, our congregation will continue to offer spiritual growth activities and events in the future. Calendars do get crowded but let’s make sure we seek the benefits of the church each week. The church has much to offer. Making a commitment to Christ will allow us to see the church’s security far outweighs our ambitions.

Allen Jones
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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