January 2014, Vol. 33, No. 1

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There is Another Way!

posted on January 16, 2019

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We all like to play the game “what if.” What if cell phones no longer worked, what if TV didn’t come on anymore, what if all of our laptops, iPads, etc., failed? If all that were to happen what could we do? Would all be lost? Now I enjoy all the above mentioned amazing technology, but the game of “what if’ brings up some real solutions.

How many of you remember pencils and Big Chief writing tablets? Can you recall the one phone in the hallway? I remember running home from school and turning on the radio. We also had board games, played marbles, had tops to spin, and the family really sat down to eat together. If you had TV it was black and white and you could only afford one.

Things in the religious world have also undergone some rapid changes. Homosexuals and women in pulpits, poems and political essays have taken the place of Bible preaching. Musical instruments have taken the place of congregational singing. Programs have replaced individual obligations; and musical beds have taken the heart out of marriage. These are destructive changes! Destructive because they deny the authority of the Scripture. Next time someone speaks of change in the Lord’s Church; just remember it is the Lord’s Church.

Floyd C. Johnson
Huntington Park Church of Christ
Shreveport, LA

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