The Christian’s Priorities

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Perhaps certain ones of us need to get our priorities straight. It may seem somewhat naive to some to say that if more professed Christians would “seek first the Kingdom of God,” fewer problems would exist in the Lord’s Church, but the statement is nevertheless true!

The reason that early Christians were so successful in proclaiming the gospel was that God occupied first place in their lives. Their religion was not a “once-a-week” affair for Sunday display. To them Christianity was a serious matter which they demonstrated every day! (Acts 2:46) The first-century disciples did not consider religion to be a recreation, neither did they view it as a social need. These people made no distinction between life and Christianity because to them Christ was the only one who offered meaningful life (John 10:10).

Could we gain some lessons from examples set by the Christians 2,000 years ago? How often do we let things come between us and God? When we fully learn the concept of total involvement we will realize that the Lord comes ahead of other things. If the Bible does not teach this, then this writer certainly has misunderstood the scriptures.

When we swallow and digest this lesson we will have no problems getting people to attend church services, participate in the worship, teach classes and do personal work. God’s work is never done well when it has to play second fiddle!

Art Smith
via Nettleton church of Christ
Jonesboro, AR

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