The Preacher’s Wife

[140 words]

She heard all his stories and
laughed at all his jokes. 
She listened to every sermon
Which he ever spoke. 
She took care of their children 
All alone in the pew.
As she listened to her husband 
Proclaim the good news. 
She saw him in tears as 
on his knees he did pray,
For those that were lost 
and traveling the broad way. 
She stood at his side 
as he comforted the ill
Trying to fill their day 
with a little hope and goodwill. 
She cared for their household 
as he traveled about, 
For days at a time preaching 
to the lost and in doubt. 
She saw him attacked 
from various foe,
She helped him to stand 
despite all the woe. 
Alone in her room she 
thanked God for her life,
Because He allowed 
her to be a preacher’s wife.

Tim Hester
West Avenue church of Christ
Crossville, TN

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