When It Comes to Jesus, Never Assume

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It was about 8:30 when the rather fierce-looking father of the girl entered the parlor where the young man was courting her. The father had his watch in his hand.

“Young man,” he said, “do you know what time it is?”

“Y-y-yes sir,” stuttered the frightened lover, as he scrambled out into the hall. “ I — I was just going to leave!”

After the beau had made a rapid exit, the father turned to the girl and said in astonishment: “What in the world is wrong with that fellow? My watch quit working, and I asked him the time. And he just got up and left!”

The problem with that young man is that he made an assumption. I once had a boss who was a fanatic about not making assumptions. In fact, you didn’t even use the word in his presence unless you were ready for about a half-hour lecture.

Many people have made some assumptions about our Lord. They think that he came to ruin everyone’s fun. In reality, Jesus came to bring us true joy. Jesus said: “I came to give life with joy and abundance” (John 10:10b).

Larry Fitzgerald
Woodlawn church of Christ
Abilene, TX

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