Just Right!

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Some people will attend church if everything is just right. The weather is a controlling factor in church attendance. Many times the temperature is too hot or too cold. Occasionally there will be a Sunday that happens to be just right. Those people will attend, unless something else is wrong. Their physical body’s health also controls them. So if the weather and their health is just right, they will be at church.

There are also other controlling factors that can mess up “just right.” As an example, if they have company, they may stay home. If their animal is sick, they may stay home. For those who want everything just right, there are many controlling factors. Fortunately, there are some who must not have everything just right. They will attend services when sick, in hot weather or cold, and even when they must leave their company at home. 

Everyone has an influence on other people. Some influence people for God. Some influence people for “just right.” God has given us a choice. He has also given us a command. The command is not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. The choice is to obey God or “just right.”

Vernon Curry
Highland Drive church of Christ
Poplar Bluff, MO

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