God is So Good

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You might notice over your heading of Psalm 107 that it begins “Book Five.” You also do not see David’s name over this psalm. There may be clues pointing to this being one of the later psalms, even after Babylonian Captivity (1-3). Many believe this was a song sung by Jewish pilgrims who sang it on their way to Jerusalem for one of the major feast days. It is full of parallelism, where the writer says the same thing two similar ways (nearly every verse contains this, except 3, 12, 26, 34, 37, and 40). 

But as we pay attention to its structure, it looks like it contains four main “strophes” (poetic stanzas).  Each strophe ends with the same chorus or refrain: “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness, and for His wonders to the sons of men” (8, 15, 21, 31). It covers the full range of human distress and problems and God’s gracious response. We struggle, God delivers, and for that we should always be thankful! Truly, God is so good!

God is Good When We Wander (4-9). Historically, we would think of the wilderness wandering or even being scattered by captivity. But this seems bigger than just one occasion. Whether we wander by sin, wander because of struggles and distresses, God is still so good to be our beacon and compass. He will help us find our way home, which should fill our hearts with gratitude. He can lead us back from any and every direction we have gone. 

God is Good When We Are Oppressed (10-16). Sometimes our struggle is not of our own making and choosing. Sometimes, though, it is the result of our rebellion. Either way, when we face darkness and death, chains and misery, He brings us out and breaks us free. No one has to stay in spiritual prison. God offers freedom. That should draw our gratitude, He’s so good!

God is Good When We Are Hurting (17-22). He writes of afflictions and distresses, again some of which are self-inflicted and others which are brought upon us. It doesn’t matter which way it happens, God can heal our wounds. His word is medicine and He is the Great Physician. There is salvation and deliverance. 

God is Good When We Are in Danger (23-32). Perhaps one of the most graphic illustrations of danger is of being storm-tossed at sea. Stormy winds and waves threaten to capsize us and expose us to the deep. We may at times feel like we’re hanging on by a thread, in desperation.

This psalm makes me think of the hymn, “Does Jesus Care?” The writer brings up four different scenarios where we hurt or struggle, and we are reminded of how much He cares! There’s a good chance you are struggling right now or you have just been through struggle or are about to go through it. Please remember the goodness of God and His ability to help you through it.  But He hushes the winds and stills the storms. God is so good!

The writer closes by speaking of all the ways God turns chaos into calm (33-43). He may not have mentioned your specific trial in this psalm, but he covered it. Remember, no matter what you face, He will bless you and help you through it all! No doubt, it will make you sing, “God is so good!”

Neal Pollard
Lehman Avenue church of Christ
Bowling Green, KY

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