Some Tests for the Home

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The Leadership Test. Does the husband and father assume his God-given place as head of the family? Does he provide the spiritual leadership? Does he take the lead in bringing up his children in the Lord’s way?

The Discipline Test. Do children respect and obey their parents? Do parents expect and deserve such obedience? Is discipline consistent, fair, loving, and firm?

The Togetherness Test. Does the family plan to do things together? Does it usually eat two meals a day together? Do members of the family enjoy each other’s company?

The Literature Test. Does the family subscribe to and read Christian literature? Is other literature in the home wholesome? Is the Bible read frequently?

The Devotion Test. Does the family pray, sing, and study God’s word together? Is the tempo and temper of the family relationship one that encourages and develops devotion to God?

The Communication Test. Do all members of the family know they can freely discuss their problems and worries and find a sympathetic ear? Can they talk about their hopes, plans, and aspirations?

The Temperament Test. Do all try to develop and maintain an even-tempered, patient disposition? Are outbursts of temper rare?

The Associates Test. Does the family approve of those with whom each associates? Do parents know their children’s best friends? Do husband and wife approve of each other’s close associates?

The Thoughtfulness Test. Is each one as kind and considerate of members of his own family as he tries to be with others?

The Vacation Test. Does the family remember God while on vacation? Is the Bible read less frequently, services attended less faithfully, and spiritual things thought about more rarely? Does the family plan vacations for their spiritual renewal also?

Darrell E. Beard

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