Sermon Tree, Volume 1 (Paperback)


52 sermons outlined by Matthew Keedy Clifton in our own flexible and intuitive “Tree” format. Outlines include appropriate illustrations and song selections, as well as sections on Wednesday night devotional thoughts and sermon seeds to develop your own “trees.” Also available as an ebook from Amazon and a comb-bound book from Bulletin Digest.


‘Root to Fruit’ Outlines for Preaching, Teaching, and Bible Study, Paperback.

Good sermons are like trees. A healthy tree grows from a powerful root, has a strong trunk, and has sturdy branches with beautiful leaves, producing fruit when it matures. Likewise, an effective sermon has its root in God’s word, contains a strong main idea, offers additional points that give support, displays illustrations that make the points “beautiful,” and encourages a fruitful response in the hearer.

Strong trees can take years to develop, but as preachers, we don’t have that kind of time for sermon development! In fact, it seems the preacher’s time is always slipping away. No matter how far along we are on our sermons, unexpected events often interfere with preparations. Sometimes we are on schedule, but simply need fresh ideas and an outside perspective to ignite the creative process.

Sermon Tree was created to help with these challenges. The author developed the “Root to Fruit” outlining method in 2013 as an alternative to the Roman numeral and lettering system with the goal of making sermon outlining more flexible and intuitive. Ten years later, this series of resource books is being offered to the public. Included are 52 sermon outlines (“Full-Grown Trees”) with matching illustrations and song suggestions, along with sections on devotional ideas (“Young Saplings”) and sermon starters (“Ready-to-Plant Seeds”). These outlines and ideas can be used to jump start your own study and lesson development for Sunday, ideas for Wednesday night devotionals, or just your own personal study. The back of each outline includes space for your study notes as you prepare.

This paperback edition is available from Amazon. See the image gallery for pictures of inside pages. The ebook (Amazon) and comb bound editions (Bulletin Digest website) are also available as separate items.


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