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If the Lord Jesus Christ gave you ten minutes with him, what would you ask?

There are some who wouldn’t want to speak to the Lord for two minutes, or even one minute because they don’t believe in him. They think he may have been a good teacher, but certainly he wasn’t the Son of God. Some don’t think the Lord has done anything for them, so there is no reason to ask him anything.

Some couldn’t sit still for ten minutes to listen to anything the Lord had to say. Even if they asked a question, it is doubtful they would wait for the answer. There are too many things for these people to do; there are too many places these people need to go. Things of the world are far more important than to pay attention to the Lord Jesus Christ for 10 minutes.

Others wouldn’t be interested in ten minutes with Jesus because they have responsibilities to others that just can’t wait. Family and friends absorb all the time they have and there just aren’t ten minutes in the day, they say. They might even express regret missing such an amazing event, but other things are more important.

Then, there are those who would say, “All I get is ten minutes?” They want to talk to the Lord for all eternity. They have questions, there are things they want Jesus to teach them. They have questions about the word of God. Ten minutes just won’t be enough.

Of these four groups, which one is most likely to be saved? Why not consult what Jesus himself taught in Luke 8:5-18 for the answer? The soil on which these seeds fell determined whether or not the seed took root and grew. Only the seed that found the good soil took root and grew.

To which group do you belong? If you were given ten minutes with the Lord of Creation, what would you do?

John Henson
Grand Blanc church of Christ
Grand Blanc, MI

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