Finding Some Normalcy

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The other day I talked about my work life during “limited shelter in place.” That reflects part of my strategy for dealing with all of this craziness: find ways to create normalcy.

I have found times when I found myself stressed without really knowing why. That made me realize how disorienting a loss of routine is.

So I’m trying to maintain a normal routine. I get up early and do my usual morning routine. I shower, shave and dress as if I were going to my office. I try to keep normal office hours, working during that time.

But what if you can’t? I can work from home pretty well, but not everyone can. I still say you need “work hours,” where you are doing something productive. It may be cleaning and organizing your home. It may be working on that home improvement project you’ve been putting off.

Or maybe your “work” will involve education. Learn something. There are free online courses. There are apps available to help you learn the rudiments of a foreign language. There are online videos to teach you how to play an instrument, how to bake a cake, how to build a birdhouse… so many different things. Or maybe you want to educate yourself more on world politics, global economics, or things of the sort. Now’s a good time.

This is a great time for writing letters. Making phone calls to encourage people. Spending more time in prayer.

Many of you have children at home. Maybe your “work” is to help them find some normalcy.

I’m convinced that you need to be able to say, “I accomplished this.” More than leveling up in Fortnite or rewatching all the episodes of “This is Us.” You’ll feel better if you make something, help someone, or educate yourself. 

Timothy Archer
Abilene, TX

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