Works Salvation

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Do you know what it is? If you listen to people in the denominational world, many of them (if not all) will tell you that if you obey any of God’s commands to be saved, then you are trying to be saved by works. Not only is this a flat lie, but it is a perfect illustration of one who has no understanding of what it means. When a person relies on a command, rather than the Lord, to save—that is works salvation. On the other hand, when a person relies on the Lord to save and obeys His command, there is no chance that person is saved by works; that person is saved by grace through faith; if the Lord requires a command of His to be obeyed, one can’t be saved without it. The Lord demands all men (people) everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30-31), thus one can’t be saved without turning away from sins. Works salvation? Not on your life!

Ron Thomas
Sunrush church of Christ
Chillicothe, OH

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