Ten Percent

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In Malachi 1:8, the Lord is very put off about the sacrifices offered to Him. He calls out the people because what they offer to Him, they would not offer to a political leader. It is this way today, I am afraid. We offer to the Lord something, but if a prominent leader or a person of note arrives in our presence, we have a custom to presenting our best to that person. The upside-down approach reflects the misguided life.

Our offering to the Lord should be the first fruit of our lives. The Lord needs nothing from us, but He wants our lives and what we give to Him to reflect what is important in life for each of us. Of course, what we give reflects His importance (or lack thereof) to us.

We live under the New Covenant, a covenant the Lord calls a better covenant than the Old Covenant. Under the old Law, the people of Israel gave a tithe (10 percent). While there is no percentage given in the New Testament that speaks to what we give, I know with regard to ourselves, we can hardly give less than that under this better covenant. Does it put us in a pinch? It has, but not any longer. Now, it is part of what we do always. Giving to the Lord helped us learn the importance of constraining our spending in other areas, not spending on things we consider unnecessary. Because we have approached it this way, our savings account began to have a little more at the end of the month.

Your approach? Give all of who you are to the Lord.

Ron Thomas
Sunrush church of Christ
Chillicothe, OH

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