Are You a Part of the 5G Network?

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With a title like that, it sounds like I’m asking if you are a part of the latest cell phone technology, doesn’t it? The latest 5G cell phone network promises many things. In the church, we have a network that is designed by God Himself for the betterment of the kingdom and for each member of it. It consists of several elements that we could easily break down into five categories. So, take a look at God’s 5G network and see how strong of a signal you have in each:

Gather. God wants us to gather together as His people so that we can strengthen our bond and relationship through the love and encouragement we express (1 Thess. 5:11; Heb. 10:24-25). We weaken the network when we don’t gather with the saints – we strengthen it every time we come.

Grow. God wants us to teach and learn from each other to develop and mature our knowledge and faith in Him (2 Tim. 2:2; 2 Pet. 3:18). We hinder the network when we do not grow as a Christian – we help it when we develop properly and consistently.

Give. God wants us to give of our lives, talents, and resources in offerings and service so that the church can function and bless many (1 Cor. 16:1-2; 2 Cor. 8:1-7). We limit the church’s network influence when we do not give as we should – we assist in expanding it when we contribute as much as we are able.

Go. God wants us to be messengers of the good news about His Son so that many others can come to salvation and share in this incredible network of believers (Mark 16:15-16; 1 Thess. 1:8). We cripple the church’s expansion of the network when we do not do our part to tell others about Jesus – we fortify it when we live in and mention Him at every opportunity.

Glow. God wants us to express joyful, optimistic, and hopeful lives (Phil. 4:4; 2 John 12). We limit the church’s encouraging atmosphere when we possess a bad, worldly attitude – we expand it when we manifest joy and the love of Jesus.

Maybe the best way to look at it is that the purpose of the church as God’s network is to “to know God better and make God better known.” This is best carried out utilizing every part of God’s 5G network. How is your connection and usage in it?

Edd Sterchi
Broadway church of Christ
Campbellsville, KY

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