Tarzan on the Vine

In my second year of teaching, I stopped by the office of gospel preacher Dorice E. Mitchell, my father-in-law, to share my exciting news. “Father-in-law, I refused my teaching contract today for next year. I’m going into full-time preaching!”

He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Really. Do you have a place in mind to preach?”

“Not a clue,” I said.

And then those immortal words that always bring a smile to my face and thanks to my lips that God looks after little children, the mentally incompetent, and preachers.

He said, “Well, even Tarzan didn’t let go of one vine before he grabbed hold of another.”

The rest of the story: My school checks ran out June 30, and I started preaching full-time, 30 minutes away from my mentor and father-in-law, on July 1, 1977.

Doug Greenway via Bulletin-Digest.com

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