Self Destruction

Once there was an eagle soaring high in the sky and as it flew, almost out of sight, it became unsteady and finally began to fall. It plunged to the earth in a pasture near two men. When the men went to the eagle, they found him shaking and trembling. In its claw was a rattlesnake. The eagle had caught the reptile, soared into the sky, and finally lost the battle when the snake bit it. Now there it lay holding onto the very thing that killed it!

People are the same way. They grab on to some thing from which they hope to derive some pleasure, but like the eagle in the story, they are fighting a losing battle and are holding onto the very thing that will mean their spiritual death.

How sad it is to think of a soul being lost simply because a person is too proud or too stubborn to free themselves of the things which are destroying them!

Hardin church of Christ
Hardin, KY

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