Your Choice

In the Canadian Rockies is a stream called Divide Creek. At a point in its course the creek divides around a large boulder. Waters which flow to the left of the boulder rush on into Kicking Horse River and finally into the Pacific Ocean. Waters which travel to the right flow into the Bow River which courses into the Saskatchewan River, on into Lake Winnipeg, the Nelson River, Hudson Bay and to the Atlantic Ocean. Once the waters divide at the rock, there is no turning back.

How like life this is. Decisions are made daily. Life is a series of decisions. Some are very difficult and complicated, with far-reaching results. What we wouldn’t give sometimes to have an opportunity to make a certain decision again. It behooves all of us to weigh our decisions carefully. Things of seemingly immediate value will not necessarily be of ultimate value. Always take the long-range view!

We choose our priorities and life-styles. Should we not ask, “What sort of person do I want to be?” The demands and offers of God every person must accept or reject. “Choices are the hinges of eternity” The option remains the same, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15).

Charles Cash
Eastgate church of Christ
Siloam Springs, AR

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