Family Time

As our lives continue to grow busier and busier, we need to always remember to have time for family. Our time will always be demanded of us by school, work, extra-curricular activities and other time demanding activities. As we consider each of these activities, we also need to consider the importance of our family and the time we spend with each one of them.

First, think about your spouse. How did you get to know him or her? You spend time with them (sometimes you probably wished you could add some hours to the day so you could spend more time together). If it was important at the beginning of your relationship, it should be just as important today.

Second, think about your kids. Do you realize that you are only guaranteed around eighteen years with them, before they go to college, a trade school or move out on their own to seek employment and to chase their dream? That is not much time. So as you consider all the time demanding activities for your kids, remember the most important one—family time. Why is family time important? It is here where you will teach your kids how to live for Christ and how to live as you and God desire them to live.

Paul sums it up best in 1 Timothy 5:8, “Believers are instructed to take care of their families.” Joe Dale Wilson writes, “Anyone too busy…to aid his own family in distress is without excuse. Tending to family is God’s work! God values family and wants them taken care of in the difficulties they face.” Are we taking care of our family and God’s family?

Lance Morrisett
Hooker, OK

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