Ring Your Bell

There sure is a lot of noise in the world today. These noises demand our attention. “Hey! Pay attention to the election!” “No! Pay attention to the Olympics!” “What about these riots?” “No, listen to these headlines!” In the world we live in there are constant distractions. That is no news, but are we as Christians making noise to demand similar attention?

“Keep ringing your bell. Eventually people pay attention.” This is one of my favorite quotes. Conan O’Brien said this in reference to becoming a comedic voice and talk show host. I think the same thing can be said as encouragement to us as Christians. In a world raging with noise, we must have a consistent and constant message. Jesus is Lord. What He says goes.

In order for our bell to be heard we have to do a few things as a team. We must love each other. No matter our race, gender, background, economic status, we must love one another and act like it. We must love our enemies and live that out. Above all, we must love our God, live like it, and fall in love with His words.

God loves us despite our inconsistencies, but for the sake of souls, we must be a consistent ringing in the ears of unbelievers.

Barrett Bingham

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