The Names for God’s Church Define Its Work and Purpose

Church congregation singing hymns in church

The NT church is unique in that her name depicts the intended purpose of its members. The Bible teaches God intended to save those who are added to the church (Acts 2:47). When God adds the saved to the church they make a commitment to do God’s work on the earth. Let us see how the Bible describes God’s church.

It is the CHURCH. Notice Mt 16:18 Jesus said “I will build my church.” Church is the called out, the assembly of God people. Called out of the world into God’s church.

The church is also the KINGDOM. Note again Mt 16:18,19. Jesus uses the terms church and kingdom interchangeably. Notice also Lk 22:17-30; 1Co 11:20-24. We being part of the kingdom submit to the rulership of our King Jesus (Ep 1:22)

The church is GOD’S BUILDING. Each person in the church is a living stone in God’s spiritual house (1Pt 2:5). This truly shows the importance of all of the “stones” joined together working to glorify the church of Christ.

The church is GOD’S FAMILY. In 1Ti 3:15 we learn that we are God’s household. God adds us to His family when we are “born again” (Jn 3:5). As God’s family we care for each other both spiritually and physically.

God’s family is THE BODY OF CHRIST. In Ep 1:22,23 we are told Jesus is the head of the body. Each person in the body is a member that functions under the control of Christ our head. Jesus has preeminence (Co 1:18). No member of the body acts through his own will but the will of Jesus.

I’m glad God defined so specifically what the church is and what we are to do when we are part of it. Are you a part of the family of God?

Joe Chase
Gladewater, TX

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