February 2017, Vol. 36, No. 2

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The Best We Can Be

posted on April 19, 2017

[107 words]

I think that I shall never see
A church that’s all it ought to be;
A church whose members never stray
Beyond the straight and narrow way.

A church that has no empty pews;
Whose preacher never has the blues;
Where elders “eld” and deacons “deek.”
And none are proud, all are meek.

Where gossips never peddle lies,
Or make complaints, or criticize;
Whose members all are sweet and kind,
And to each other’s faults are blind.

Such a congregation there may be,
But none of them are known to me;
So let us work and pray and plan
To make this church the best we can.

Author Unknown
via Fort Sam Houston church of Christ
San Antonio, TX

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