Conforming To His Image

In his book, “The Kingdom Agenda,” Tony Evans tells the story about a man who was mystified at what he saw painted on a rural barn. There were twenty painted targets. Each one had only one bullet hole in it, each perfectly centered in the bull’s-eye. Whoever had been using the barn for target practice was definitely an outstanding marksman.

Seeking out the barns owner, he asked: “Who in the world did the shooting on the side of your barn?”

“Oh, that was me!“

“Where did you learn to shoot that well?”

“It was easy, I shot first, then l drew the target around the bullet hole!”

Mr. Evans’ point: “In today’s culture, we do everything we can to give the impression that our lives are on target when in reality all we have done is learn to paint bull’s-eyes.”

Question: Are we striving to conform to His Image? Or are we trying to form God in our own image?

via Bella Vista church of Christ
Bentonville, AR

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