Don’t Wait!

A number of years ago while in the study I received a call from a lady at the hospital. She said her husband wanted to see a Church of Christ preacher. I left the study and went to the hospital to see a man I had never seen before.

He was near death and wanted me to say a prayer for him. He then related that he was a member of the Church but had not been in a Church building for years. But now at the end of his life he wanted to have a prayer. I took his hand and prayed as he requested.

I am not anyone’s judge, but I have a very difficult time with those who want to live apart from the Lord until the last minute of life. I truly fear for their souls. I know God will forgive when we repent (1 John 1).

But what about all the years away from the Body of Christ, what about those persons he might have reached with the Gospel, what about the example he set before his family? I even wonder if that is true repentance. We are told to “redeem the time.” And surely such a person had not done so. Regardless, such a person’s soul is in the hands of God and God will judge us all. But it is wise not to wait, because death may come unannounced.

Floyd C. Johnson
Huntington Park church of Christ
Shreveport, LA

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