If Today Was the Last Day

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Imagine that today was the last day of each person you see today. Everyone you associate with at work, school, where you attend worship, your family, your friends, your acquaintances. If you knew today was their last day in this life, what might you do/say differently? How would your conversation, your actions, your thoughts with/toward that person change? Now, imagine it’s your last day on this earth.

How might you treat people differently, what would you leave them with, how would your last day on this earth change people for the better? What would others’ last memory of you be? Who would you try to lead to heaven with each word spoken, each action carefully considered, each thought soberly weighed and chosen?

Treat today as if it were your last time seeing everyone in this life, and conduct yourself accordingly, honorably, honestly, and righteously. Take this day seriously, friend, for we will answer to God for every moment of it.

Matt Adams
via University Church of Christ
Auburn, AL

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