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Read Psalm 19. Perhaps at some time in your life you stopped to admire a sunset – all the wonderful colors glossing into a farewell for the day; Venus begins shining brightly in the evening sky, almost calling to the other lesser lights. Or perhaps there was a time when you stood at the edge of a lake as morning was just beginning to break – there was a faint mist rising from the ground and water that gave everything a slightly ethereal look; the sound of birds beginning to sing and the odd animal moving through the underbrush or splashing in the water. In either of these scenarios a believer is awe-struck at the beauty given by God, and more so the fact that some people just cannot see the hand of God moving in this world.

Perhaps there was a time in your life when you knew there was going to be a difficult road ahead, something you knew had to be done but you didn’t want to do it; but then, your mind went back to Jesus in the Garden and you read one of the accounts in the Gospels … your eyes lingering on the words, “Not my will, by Thy will be done.” Maybe there was a time when you stood by an open grave and someone in a dark suit began to read a passage that was all too familiar at a time like this; your eyes beginning to burn with tears as the words mingle with the smell of flowers and fresh earth, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want …”

The natural world screams in its beauty and complexity, “God made me! I am a witness to the greatness of the Lord!” The Scriptures witness to the awesome fact that God loves us enough to leave a message that would guide and enlighten all His children. God speaks to us every day, if we will only take a moment to listen.

What will you allow God to say to you today?

Scott D. Crawford
Clay, AL

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