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Saul arrived in the prophet’s city hoping to get information from Samuel. What he got was something he did not expect.

Saul’s father had sent him to find some missing donkeys. The future king of Israel and his servant looked but could not find the animals. Saul’s servant thought they should go to the prophet Samuel and ask him.

Even though Saul had not told Samuel about his need, the prophet told him not to worry about the donkeys. He said they had been found. Can you imagine the surprised look on Saul’s face?

Samuel invited Saul to eat as the guest of honor at the prophet’s table and gave him the best cut of meat reserved for himself and the priests. This was a high compliment Samuel paid Saul because God said Saul would become king (1 Samuel 9:16).

The next morning, Samuel asked Saul to wait and said, “But you stand here awhile, that I may announce to you the word of God,” (1 Samuel 9:27). Think of the amazed look on Saul’s face when he heard that Samuel had something God wanted him to know.

Friends, whenever we sit in a Bible class or listen to a sermon, shouldn’t we receive God’s word eagerly? God has something he wants to tell me! It’s something important because it is coming from God.

When the word of God is proclaimed am I going to pay attention? Am I going to make notes? Am I going to give the Lord’s word my whole heart? What are we doing with God’s word? Is his word important enough for us to wait for it as eagerly as Saul did?

It should be, shouldn’t it?

John Henson
Dibrell Church of Christ
McMinnville, TN

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