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Have you seen the commercials advertising for Ancestry.com? Every time that I watch those ads I want to sign up for their service to search out my family history. That kind of thing just fascinates me. I remember a few years ago being at Ellis Island in New York and seeing a book with the names of people who immigrated here years ago. There were four names in that book with the last name “Richey.” I figure that they’re my relatives.

This morning I read about a couple of guys that were talking about family histories when one of them said that he sure wished he knew more about his family heritage. He said, “I’ve always wanted to have my family history traced, but I can’t afford to hire someone.” He asked his friend if he had any suggestions. His buddy said, “Sure, I know an easy way to find out all about your family background. Just run for office.”

If I decide to research my family tree, I think I’ll just go down the website path.

Did you know that as Christians we have another incredible heritage. One that can be traced back with great accuracy? From Genesis to Acts we can read as the story of the faith unfolds from the creation of man to the appearance of Jesus the Christ on earth, to the birth of his church in the book of Acts. Then, we can read with great care how we can be part of that church, and be called Christians, tracing our spiritual family heritage back to Jesus.

It makes for fascinating research. Too, you don’t have to run for office and it doesn’t cost you monthly internet fees. You probably have all the research material you need at home on a shelf–your Bible.

Why not curl up with a good book and do some research on your “family tree.” Be like those noble Bereans and search the Scripture (Acts 17:11). You’ll be blessed by what you discover.

Neil Richey
Piedmont Road church of Christ
Marietta, GA

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