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On August 16, 2015, near San Diego’s Brown Airfield, two airplanes crashed in mid-air. The two planes — a Cessna 172M, piloted by Michael Copeland, crashed head-long into a Sabreliner, piloted by Jeffrey Percy. The pilots and the others on the planes were all killed. Five people lost their lives that day.

What caused the crash? The air traffic controller was the cause! Over the course of two minutes, the controller mistook the two planes and gave them wrong instructions. The controller was not sick or distracted. It was an honest mistake by a person who sincerely believed what he related to the two pilots.

Sincere or not … what he told the pilots was not the truth. 

Today, there are many sincere people who sincerely say things about our faith. But if it goes against the Bible, then it is wrong. It is Jesus who declares that God’s word is the truth (John 17:17). Man can get things wrong, but God is always right. 

Larry Fitzgerald
Abilene, TX

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