‘On Bended Knee, I Come’

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There are many things we can learn from nature. Recently, I read about “the secret of the bended knee.” Most birds sleep, perched on a limb, and do not fall. When I sleep, there is no rhyme or reason, I will move around on the bed during the night, occupying several different positions. I read how birds stay on their perch without falling because of the unique way God made them. The tendons in the bird’s legs are so constructed that when the leg is bent at the knee, the claws grip like a steel trap. The claws will not let go until the knee is unbent. The bended knee keeps the bird secure on his perch.

How will you and I not fall into temptation? With a bended knee that will not let go of God. How will we escape the perverse generation in which we live? The same way that Daniel survived during his perverse generation, on bended knee. When the winds of temptation, trial and tribulation blow; when the storms of heartache and illness threaten, bend your knee!

Gerald Elliott
Cordell, OK, church of Christ

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