God is Everywhere

[127 words]

Let not your heart be troubled,
He knows and understands.
He knows of all your heartaches
And reaches out His hand.
Don’t crowd thoughts with worries
Or dwell on foolish things.
God’s love is everywhere,
This to you He brings.

The sparrows search the sky for Him
The flowers raise their heads.
The smallest creatures on this earth
Scurry from their beds.
The morning brightens up the day
And clouds float through the sky.
As we see God in majesty.
His hand doth skillfully ply.

He sends the soft, caressing rain
To green up yonder fields.
He’s measured every grain of sand,
His promise He’s revealed.
How wonderful it is to know
He hears our every whim.
God’s love is everywhere.
And we can count on Him.


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