What Name Would He Give You?

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Choosing a name is an important responsibility. Those of us who are parents can remember spending hours reading books filled with baby names, discussing this name and that before deciding on just the right name.

However, I am told that the Native Americans used to give their children the name they had earned. A daughter may have the name Laughing Water, Minnie Haha or Timid One. A son might be named Running Deer, Wise Owl or Fighting Bull.

Suppose God would name his children the name they had earned. Some would be Helping Hand, Faithful Teacher, or Generous Heart. But on the other hand, there would be some wearing such names as Grouchy Bear, Lukewarm, Troublemaker, or Stingy Giver.

A name is important because it’s not just a word. Your name is your character, the essence of who you are and what you stand for.

If God named you according to your life, what name would He give you? 

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via Mark T. Tonkery
Camden Ave. church of Christ
Parkersburg, VA

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