Appropriate Responses to Jesus

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In Luke 4 there is a major focus on who Jesus is and the way people respond to Him. Obviously, there are both appropriate as well as inappropriate ways to respond to His presence and call.

Some appropriate responses to Jesus would be:

Praise Him for His powerful message (Luke 4:15). Jesus reveals insight into ancient prophecies, the keys to heaven and salvation, how to live well, how to properly view life, how to deal with pain, suffering and anxiety, etc. This is a message worthy of praise!

Become a servant with a grateful heart (Luke 4:39). The proper response to being healed is gratitude and action.

Take as many others to Him as possible (Luke 4:40). When there is a problem (your own or that of others), go to Jesus!

Beg Him to stay (Luke 4:42). Once you have the One with the words of eternal life, don’t let Him go!

Bart Warren
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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