The Lady And The Cross

[149 words]

The Lady stands, Tall and proud,
Her silent voice rings clear and loud.
Welcoming all unto her shores,
As the humble masses arrived in hordes.

Thru war and famine, Calm and peace, 
To weary souls she brought release.
From her perch she had to frown, 
As on that morn the towers came down.

Brightly her light has shown thru it all, 
Reminding us of liberty for one and all.
On the hill a cross massive and tall, 
It’s silent voice hearkens to all.

Welcoming all to come to it’s base, 
To see the One who died for every race.
From sin and death comes calm and peace, 
Where the sin sick souls can find relief.

A thorny crown, a spear in His side, 
My God, My God the words which he cried.
The light of it’s grace thru the darkness does shine, 
Illuminating true liberty for all to find.

Tim Hester
West Avenue church of Christ
Crossville, TN

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