What Is Your Life?

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Life truly begins once you become more loving, proud and boastful of others, than you ever are of self. When you see the needs and desires of others as foremost and any of your own as an afterthought. When you recognize that any beauty in the mirror is pale in comparison to the beauty in the world. When property and wealth become tools for the betterment of others and not something by which you measure or horde away. When a child’s smile drives and concretes one’s own. When a stranger is seen as a soul and not as a potential foe. When time is measured in moments and not appointments. Friends, life is precious and should be cherished. For it is the only thing that once spent, we can never buy back. Spend it wisely (Eph 5:14-17; James 4:14).

John Sales
Dexter church of Christ
Dexter, KY

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