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Some years ago, the singer George Benson had a hit song called “This Masquerade” (1976). I always thought the song was okay, but never smitten by it. The other day I heard it again for the first time. “Are we really happy here with this lonely game we play?” These are the words that open the song. It’s about a love-relationship empty of substance, but can’t it apply in other areas of life also? Surely it can.

There are many Christians around you with a masquerade, presenting themselves in one way, but hoping even their best friends don’t see them as they truly are. Does this apply to you? Do you talk about the neatness of your home only to let no one in lest they see a messy place? If this apply to you, even if only a little bit, then you’re no different than others and you can relate with those who struggle with the same. The position in life they hold matters not. The weight they carry, however, matters a whole lot. 

Here is what you should do: be there to share the burden. It won’t be long before they want to help you carry your own burden, even if they can’t share it by personal experience. In helping them to carry their burden, don’t be judgmental, but understanding. You surely don’t want them to be judgmental of you! Remind them the Lord carried our burden, calling on each of us to change our minds about the way we lives our lives. With time, patience, and learning from the Lord life-changes are made.

Ron Thomas
Sunrush church of Christ
Chillicothe, OH

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