A Nation Wounded

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It seems our nation is wounded, and respect for the views of others and the Constitution has left us uncertain and in chaos. We do not know what might happen in days to come. We have no regard for mob behavior and despise violence. Uncontained violence has reared its ugly head for a year.

It appears one party has taken control of the executive and legislative branches. They will likely lead this nation into what the other party considers unacceptable change. This may cause more challenges to a united nation.

America lost sight of God and Christ, and the irreligious began to speak out unrestricted.

America lost sight of morality and permitted the loss of millions of the unborn. They redefined marriage and gender. They threw out the notion of absolutes, and made truth relative and subjective.

In recent years many in America sold out truth and common sense for a selective collection of gripes that often are more imagined than real.

None of this is accidental. Our enemies with the craftiness of Satan himself plotted and planned to rob us of our godly values and replace them with a vindictive victimhood. Citing love as an excuse for evil, believing love justifies evil, our culture refused God’s definition of morality and love.

If America is not dead, it is more than a little sick. Till the true faith found in God’s holy Word is respected, America will not heal. There are still some who are righteous, and we hope and fervently pray their voices can speak God’s truth unhindered.

Phil Sanders
Edmond, OK

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